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22 Sep 2017

New Dada "I’ll Go Crazy" 1966 Italy Garage Beat

New Dada  "I’ll Go Crazy"  1966 Italy very rare Garage Beat

New Dada were formed in Milan In 1962 by 17-years old vocalist Maurizio Arcieri, Franco “Pupo” Longo (drums), Franco Jadanza and Renato “Renè” Vignocchi (guitar), Ferruccio “Ferry” Sansoni (keyboards) and Giorgio Fazzini (bass guitar). 

In 1965, their manager, Leo Watcher, performed a coup when he convinced The Beatles’s managaement to choose them as supporting act for their Italian tour. They same year they won the first edition of the “Beat Bands Festival” in Rieti. After releasing a handful of singles and their first and only album, I’ll Go Crazy, the band took part in television programmes, Studio Uno and Andiamoci Piano, and participated to the 1966 edition of the “Cantagiro” Festival with “Non dirne più” as well as winning several contests held at the Bandiera Gialla Beat Club in Rimini. 

On 22 September 1966, Arcieri met Christina Moser at a private party held for the birthday of Leo Watcher’s daughter Patrizia. He left New Dada shortly afterwards and went on to form a new band with Moser, Krisma. 

The remaining New Dada members initially backed Arcieri in his early solo efforts. They later opened for the The Rolling Stones in Roman during their Italian 1966 tour before disbanding…

Maurizio Arcieri – vocals 
Franco “Pupo” Longo – drums 
Franco Jadanza – guitar 
Renato “Renè” Vignocchi – guitar 
Ferruccio “Ferry” Sansoni – keyboards 
Giorgio Fazzini – bass

I’ll Go Crazy 
15a Frustata 
Who’ll Be the Next in Line * 
Batti i Pugni * 
Lawdy Miss Clawdy 
L'amore Vero
Non Dirne Più 
La Mia Voce 
Jenny Jenny 
Domani Si 
C'è Qualcosa


(1966) I’ll Go Crazy (Bluebell) 


(1965) “Ciò Che Fai” / “Domani Si” (Bluebell) 
(1965) “La Tua Voce” / “Domani Si” (Bluebell) 
(1965) “L'Amore Vero” / “C'è’ Qualcosa” (Bluebell) 
(1965) “Batti I Pugni” / “Sick and Tired” (Bluebell) 
(1966) “Non Dirne Più” / “Batti I Pugni” (Bluebell) 
(1966) “T-Bird” / “I’ll Go Crazy” (Bluebell) 
(1966) “Lady Jane” / “15ma Frustata” (Bluebell) 

Gin Lady “Electric Earth” 2017 Sweden Heavy Rock,Classic Rock new album

Gin Lady “Electric Earth” 2017  Sweden Heavy Southern Rock,Classic Rock new album…recommended...!

Gin Lady "Brothers Of The Canyon" 2017

Eighteen months ago I reviewed Gin Lady’s previous album ‘Call The Nation’; I liked it a lot and thought it continued the trend of current Swedish bands that have nailed the classic sound of 70’s guitar rock. 

Electric Earth takes all that is good from the last release but adds a west coast influence to proceedings – it works really well. Album opener ‘Flower People’ hints at what is to come and is standard Gin Lady song, featuring a catchy chorus and nice guitar work throughout. However it’s just a warm-up for ‘I’m Your Friend’; this is where the Laurel Canyon sound really takes hold, as it sounds like a classic Crosby, Stills & Nash number with hints of America and Joni Mitchell. It couldn’t be more West Coast if it tried, with lush harmonies and subtle guitar playing it’s a great song. ’Badger Boogie’ is a more straightforward 70’s sounding number, reminiscent of those Old Grey Whistle Test highlight programmes that they regularly show on the BBC featuring Bands that you’d forgotten about but who still sound pretty good. ‘The Things You Used To Do’ is a slow number with a terrific guitar solo underpinned by the keyboards. ‘Mercy’ is one of my favourites on the album – lyrically strong with a vocal performance to match. ‘Brothers Of The Canyon’ is another highlight – brilliant keyboards again provide the launch-pad for the guitar solo intertwined with more harmony vocals – its six minutes long but it still ends too soon. ‘Rolling Thunder’ immediately links the listener to Bob Dylan and The Band and this song is a musical homage to both – it works brilliantly and makes a hatrick of great songs in the middle of the album. ‘Water And Sunshine’ and ‘Wasted Years’ follow and have the classic 70’s guitar sound to such an extent, they should have had Bob Harris introduce them. The album closes with the ballad ‘Running No More’, which has a little bit of late era Beatles in its sound, particularly in the instrumental break that finishes the song. 

It’s a pretty short album by modern standards; a good thing as quality is far more important that quantity. Production is good, the song-writing is strong and the vocals and playing throughout make sure that the album delivers on all fronts. So if you preferred OGWT with Whispering Bob presenting, then this is an album for you…….Andy Thorley…

It seems that the Gin Lady band, from Swedish origin, have taken the path of compositional proliferation. Not a year ago they released their previous album, was called Call The Nation. And we are very pleased Acid Mind review its new release, as this Electric Earth is released in mid-September 2017. Nor do we want to miss the opportunity to review the record race of this training, encompassing some other previous band, that here is a special affection. So we also took advantage to take away some nostalgic spine.The beginnings of Gin Lady are with an extinct Swedish band called Black Bonzo, back in 2004. In that same year they released their first album of the same name, with a creative proposal quite attractive and daring by that time, where the revival sound was still starting and looking for a niche for a more majority audience. Black Bonzo were a progressive rock formation of exaggeratedly classic sound. They yielded total respect to those classic groups of the seventies. Recorded and produced with an analog sound, within a minority sector were quickly received as one of the most interesting proposals of those years. It took some time to get back into the studio. This was not patent until the year 2007, they released the disc called Sound Of The Apocalypse. For me this album was the total culmination of the sound of Black Bonzo, its highest point compositionally speaking. In fact, they never got back to these levels of inspiration, nor with their future evolution as Gin Lady. Although the proposal of Gin lady is something more different and basic, so to speak. Rather more settled in the panorama, they decide to spend all the cartridges several years later in a new disc. Guillotine Drama was released in 2009. Although by then they were already touring Europe and the United States, and their albums were selling well. In Japan some special editions were made, under the record War Records. Guillotine Drama was its “great finale”, since soon after its edition the band decides to separate. This separation was effective to some extent. Since some members decided to automatically start a new adventure, so Gin Lady is born. This new formation maintained the taste by the classic sounds, but they focused on something simpler as it is the rock to dry. Recorded by the Swedish record label Transubstans Records, in 2012 they released their first self-titled album. Bearing in mind that Black Bonzo had a more contemplative sound, Gin Lady lashed out with hard and blunt hard rock. It was a surprise that first album of Gin Lady. But the prolific vein did not end here and in 2013 they released a new album. This artifact was double and edited as much in vinyl as in CD, was called Mother’s Ruin. It was another splendid exercise of inspiration, with a very varied album of styles. In the year 2014, are fichados by the German record company Kozmic Artifacts, more concretely by the subsello of this call Bilocation Records. Label focused on psychedelic sounds and stoner, the inclusion of Gin Lady is an interesting and risky twist. At the beginning of 2016 a new album is released, Call The Nation. With respect to his previous recordings, this one is something more relaxed in sound and in my opinion, less inspired although it was not a bad disc. The fact is that they did not take long to return to the studio to record a new work. Electric Earth is one of the first novelties, with which we started after the summer and is entering us with fable.Listening to this Electric Earth, we can only say that Gin Lady are full of inspiration. Musical references that come to mind may be multiple and known, but they have that essential factor in a play to enjoy it as something unique and unique. Sincerely, some moments of this album are quite surprising. Gin Lady’s current lineup consists of Magnus Karnebro on vocals, Fredrik Normark on drums, Joakim Karlsson on guitar and Anthon Johansson on bass / different keyboards on the disc. As we have already said, the proposal of Gin Lady is an approach to pure and simple rock, so essential in the seventies. Rock that sounds like McCarthy, smoke-filled bars and clash of glasses, The Faces, Humble Pie and The Rolling Stones to cascoporro. With a proposal so little novelty you can give, only the option to have a good time with excellent music. And if they do! Start this album with a hymn-flavored theme (here are a few) called “Flower People”. With a suggestive chorus, we are thrown leaving us out of play with a solid rock theme. Highlighting the work of Karlsson on the guitar practically all the disc, it translates this into a guitarist of a brutal and consistent technique. In “I’m Your Friend” they turn to southern rock with this cheerful theme, where acoustic guitars predominate. Sound very Allman Brothers Band, possible homage to Duane Allman. “Badger Boogie” is what it is, half time rock with let blusher and macarrónico style, a simple and fantastic subject. “The Things You Used To Do” is a half-time that puts a more relaxed tone to the development of the album. Trembling from Karlsson to guitar, with a very classic sound. In “Mercy” we are already in a much more serious matter, as composition we have here an absolute marvel of exciting sound. “Brothers Of The Canyon” is very Americanized rock of sound. Eagles or Poco stand out clearly here in the sound, another of the great moments of this musical recording. Joakim Karlsson takes control of the theme in his half, great demonstration to the six strings. “Rolling Thunder” is the theme chosen as an advance for this album. Where the keyboards have a special role and a certain aftertaste for the bluegrass music in the composition. Very interesting despite the simplicity of the subject, which translates into a basic half-time sound. We continue the tour with another great contribution, “Water And Sunshine” enters again in that rock vacilón that seems that are one of the specialties of this Swedish formation. “Wasted Years” is one of the most hardened songs of the album, hard rock seventy that only breathes encouragement and desire to set the pace for music. He finishes the disc with the ballad called “Running No More”, end decelerated for a disc that does not give rise to the boredom in its forty minutes. Gin Lady seems to be editing one of the most rewarding records of this season, do not lose sight of them……Germán Ramírez …….
Gin Lady from Sweden formed in early 2011. Now with ‘Electric Earth’ the quartet is proud to present us with their new masterpiece! The group is influenced by artists such as The Faces, Alice Cooper, Master’s Apprentices, Cream and Blue Oyster Cult. The sound is straightforward and heading for the roots of rock. Earlier ventures, Black Bonzo and The All Janet, clearly show the members taste for detail and perfection in their sound, production and songwriting. On their 3rd album ‘Call The Nation’, which was released by Kozmik Artifactz in 2016, the band showed their talent for creating catchy melodies and songwriting in the best tradition of Ufo, Free, Rolling Stones, Humble Pie and from the heydays of heavy rock from the seventies. 

Right from its very start, Gin Lady‘s upcoming fourth album, Electric Earth is striking in its classic-style impression. Though it doesn’t necessarily fall into a vintage-style production mode, the record — set for release Sept. 15 through Kozmik Artifactz — begins with two five-minute cuts in “Flower People” and “I’m Your Friend,” and the primary impression between the two of them, respectively, is The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Read that as easy grooves, choice melodic work, a little arrangement flourish in the vocals a deceptive depth of accessible songwriting. They play these impulses off each other throughout and get a touch more raucous in the process later on with the likes of “Water and Sunshine,” but that sing-along feel never leaves them, and the further one digs into Electric Earth, the warmer the outing seems to become….Review from The Obelisk ……

Presented on CD, this is the fourth full-length offering from the Swedish rockers with a soft spot for heavy acts s.a. 
Alice Cooper, Master’s Apprentices, Cream, The Faces and Blue Oyster Cult. The band’s sound and style is straight forward and roots oriented, and features catchy melodies that are on par with the best tunes from the heyday of heavy ‘70s rock……

Gin Lady releases are not a worldwide event. They do not write about them mainstream press (even rock), their compositions are in vain to search in the playlists of the biggest rock radio stations (what’s different in - we play them often!) We are cool … and the release of next releases to the knees. Except that not on the plates of these great rock I wait most every year. For me the biggest event of the year is the release of new albums just such bands as Gin Lady - groups that I discovered for myself. I did not give them their media, did not praise famous journalists, did not get the billboards and advertisements before. I read about them, I found one or the other song, I liked it, so I checked the rest. Well, maybe not quite the case with Gin Lady, but certainly with the Black Bonzo group, from which Gin Lady evolved a few years ago. When I first started exploring the Swedish rock scene of the 21st century, Black Bonzo was next to Siena Root, the band whose music impressed me the most. I was pissed off when they announced they were leaving a few years ago, but most of the last line-up (apart from the drummer) was quick to announce that he was planning a new formation. And it was love from the first listen. A few years and plates later we are approaching the release of the fourth disc in the Swedish form - Electric Earth.
Black Bonzo was a prog rock band in the 70s. There were references to Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash and even King Crimson. Gin Lady is already another musical animal. It’s much easier to hear references to the Stones, the Allman, or the American rock of the south. On Electric Earth, they have gone even further since the sound of the Black Bonzo Sound of the Apocalypse, where they put a thirteen minute progroc order number. They recorded the lightest track in both of their recordings, with songs that more often turn to American folk-rock than hard rock or progression. Did I expect this? No. Does it bother me? Not too. And guess what? Because from the first seconds of this album we have absolutely great climate here. Flower People flows fantastically. The guitar adds a bit of weight, but in fact it’s a very light number, damn melodious. Tom Petty or all Traveling Wilburys come to mind. And probably some other bands from the turn of the 60s and 70s (yes, I know Traveling Wilburys is a band that came out a lot later, but you understand what’s the point …), which is not altogether strange considering the title and the lyrics. In which he hears, among other things, the Yasgar’s farm - the site of the legendary Woodstock Festival. There are no solo solos here, the structure is fairly straightforward, nothing extraordinary happens, but it is hard not to nibble, do not sing with the band, do not feel in this fantastic retro-rock atmosphere.I’m Your Friend is hitting harder in southern rock with a lot of folk. Yes Gin Lady have not played yet! But, as in everything else, what they have been up to now - they are so natural. This is not the last time the gentlemen on this album are making a lighter, acoustic sound. The six-minute Brothers of the Canyon also blends acoustically with acoustic guitars. This is one of my favorite numbers on the album. They played it with so much flair and so much fun that it was hard to believe that the band was not crazy about the old guitar players, either from the Stones or Knopflera. HALO, POBUDKA! Instead of mourning over and over again that no one is playing like that, get a respectable four letters and try to figure out what’s going on in the music world. But let’s go back to the album. The Things You Used To Do is electrically electric, but at a very quiet pace, with a nice organic background and a great guitar - a little late Beatles style. It’s a pity they did not pull this instrumental end a little longer - I’m sure it’s not enough that the song ends in less than three minutes. The first single, Rolling Thunder, musically does not completely reflect the title. This is again a very nice ballad maintained in a style that in the United States would probably define as americana. What of course does not mean that they will not play a bit more rock at all. It happens, for example, in the Badger Boogie or the fantastic Wasted Years, which made me think a bit about T. Rex … or maybe with the Stones … or early For … anyway, with something very good and pleasant. A bit stronger in Water and Sunshine, and here my associations go to Stonesow or Faces. On the album dominates the subdued rock, based on lightness, cool, warm tones, simple patents and capital, catchy melodies.The Swedes surprised me with this album. I did not expect them to go in the direction of slightly lighter sounds, sometimes even with folk fuss. Of course, it’s still Gin Lady - they did not drastically change their music, but the Electric Earth is a bit milder. And you know what? I like this album! After the first or second listening, I was ready to admit that although it was pleasant, it probably was not as good as on previous albums. But after a few more I noticed that more and more things came to me, that I started to sing more and more choruses, that each of these songs sounds so damn natural … I just can not not like this album. The Swedish rock scene is great - it’s everyone who is currently interested in rock outside the mainstream. Gin Lady is among the most prominent representatives of this scene. Electric Earth is another confirmation. Or maybe in the end, some concerts? Best somewhere near …

Magnus Karnebro - Vocals 
Joakim Karlsson - Guitars, Vocals 
Anthon Johansson - Bass, Vocals 
Fredrik Normark - Drums

Track listing (Songs): 

01. Flower People 
02. I’m Your Friend 
03. Badger Boogie 
04. The Things You Used To Do 
05. Mercy 
06. Brothers Of The Canyon 
07. Rolling Thunder 
08. Water And Sunshine 
09. Wasted Years 
10. Running No More 

Stoned Karma “Soul Trip Ecstacy” 2017 France Psych Stoner Rock

Stoned Karma “Soul Trip Ecstacy”  2017 France Psych Stoner Rock 
Weedsdom 06:52 
She’s a bitch 08:32 
Soul trip ecstacy 08:17 
Redemption 05:39 
Guilty 03:29
Drunk lizard 07:29 
Under the city lights 04:38 

Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns “Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns" (신중현과 엽전들) - 1974 South Korea Psych Rock

Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns “Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns" (신중현과 엽전들) - 1974 South Korea Psych Rock

Spring of 1974 witnessed the birth of psychedelic power trio Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns. “In Korean, yupjun literally means a brass coin,” Shin explains. “However, during that time it was used as slang to describe a sense of unpleasantness and dislike. Since I was so unpleasant and dissatisfied [in my career], I told myself, ‘Ok, fine, I am just a yupjun,’ and named my band with a rebellious attitude.” He began by renting a room at Seoul’s Tower Hotel to serve as a creative base for the group. After six months of preparation, the group cut ten powerful songs filled with monster grooves, fuzz guitar, emotive singing, and top-notch songwriting. The album was pressed up as a broadcast-only promotional vinyl to test radio response; the response wasn’t what anyone expected, and the record label refused to release the album. The band re-recorded the album, but it is this, the original ten track version, that has become legendary—with good reason. An astounding record, and one that we are privileged to bring to the rest of the world for the first time….Light in the attic…

When the great rock guitarists are named, names like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen or Stevie Ray Vaughan are often named. However, there is a South Korean guitarist who has in common with the previous ones having received a Fender guitar from the tribute series of his custom guitars store. If only six guitarists around the world can boast of that honor, it will be that Shin Jung-hyun deserves some attention. 

It’s not at all easy to get into the career of a Korean guitarist from the 60’s and 70’s. I understand. That’s why today I’m going to present one of his most famous songs, to serve as a presentation. The subject is called 미인 (of the hanjas 美人, pronounced like mi-in), that in English is known like The Beauty although its literal translation would be “Beautiful girl”. This song was released in 1974 as part of a disc released by Shin Jung-hyun & YupJuns (신중현 과 엽전 들) whose cover can be seen at the beginning of the post. 

This is one of those songs that transcend his time and style to become universal melodies that everyone recognizes. What happens is that in this case the “universality” is limited to South Korea. In recent years some compilation albums with works by Shin Jung-hyun have been released in the West, but I think they have not gone beyond the category of record curiosity. 

The career of this guitarist was not easy in a few years when South Korea was under the dictatorship of Park Chung-hee, to the point that his music was banned from 1975 due to a “problem” with the dictator. When it became legal back in 1980, the tastes of the population had changed and Shin Jung-hyun never regained his popularity. However, today we will focus on the song The Beauty. 

To begin with, we have the original version as it sounded on the LP. 

“ Shin Jung-Hyeon is the Godfather of Korean pop/rock. He started his musical career in 1955. In those days, immediately after the Korean War, there were few musicians. At 1957 he could play at the US army in Korea. His psychedelic play fascinated US soldiers, and some record company asked him to make an LP. His 1st band Add 4 constructed in 1962. Add 4 is the first rock band in Korea. After the time SJH started to make hit songs. Kim Jeong Mi, Park In Su, Pearl Sisters, Kim Chu Ja, Im A Yeong, Jang Hyeon and other singers debuted with the support of Shin Jung Hyeon. They debuted with his hit songs and he became the biggest power in Ga Yo scene.” 
~ Folkie Jin……


Vocals, Guitar, Composer and Arrangements: Shin Joong Hyun 
Bass: Lee Nam-Yi 
Drums: Kim Ho-Sik

Shin Joong Hyun & The Yup Juns

A1 Beautiful Woman 4:29 
A2 Think 4:25 
A3 I Think There Was Someone Else 5:50 
A4 Long, Long Night 4:34 
A5 I Love You 3:08 
B1 Lady 4:06 
B2 Anticipation 4:18 
B3 I’ve Got Nothing To Say 4:21 
B4 I Do Not Know 3:04 
B5 The Rising Sun (Instrumental) 6:59

A1 미인 3:00 
A2 생각해 1:50 
A3 그 누가 있었나봐 3:00 
A4 긴긴밤 4:30 
A5 나는 너를 사랑해 3:11 
B1 저 여인 2:30 
B2 설레임 2:23 
B3 할말도 없지만 2:32 
B4 나는 몰라 3:10 
B5 떠오르는 태양 7:00 

Axcraft “Dancing Madly Backwards” 1974 US Symphonic Prog

Axcraft “Dancing Madly Backwards” 1974 US Symphonic Prog

Axcraft from USA with one album released in 1974 named Dancing madly backwords is an ok album to me, noting really impressive nothing is bad aswell. Symphonic prog melted with heavy prog sections al in all pretty decent. Akarma label re release the album both on vinyl and as digipack in 1999, the cd version with 2 bonus live tunes recorded in same 1974 before disbanding one year later and gone unnoticed to larger public. As some reviewers said this abum got mix reviews from bad to excellent, I’m somewher in between and saying that this is not bad at all, Astral ove is a killer track with beautiful piano intro and then tranformed in some mid tempo giant prog piece, really great. The opening track is a fair one So fgar away, heavy prog with pleasent parts and fine keybords solo, the rest of the pieces are ok, title track is another worthy one. All in all a good album, nothing really impressive as other mentioned, I can’t find that brilliant segments some praised with aplomb, it’s only fairly good. 3 stars for sure no more no less. The bonus tracks are totaly usless and by far the worst on the CD re issue, totaly forgetable pieces. Worth some spins, but not exactly one of the gems of prog from mid ‘70’s…by b_olariu …

AXCRAFT was formed in 1974 by Jim Mc Lellan in Los Angeles, CA (USA). The bands major influences were groups like YES, PINK FLOYD and GENESIS. They did enough tracks for one album before outside interferences broke up the original band. Lead singer and founder of the group was told he did not fit in with Ken Scott after Scott took over management of the group. Scott was an engineer on the BEATLES “White Album”, and also enginerred albums for David Bowie, SUPERTRAMP, Jeff Beck etc. Mc Lellan left L.A. after the realization that he could not sway the group to continue on the musial path they had already begun. The group has had one cd released entitled “Dancing Madly Backwards”, which features the original band and Mc Lellan’s vocals. The rest of the members were Gary Gossett (drummer), Mike Carroll (bass), Danny Stickler (guitar), Jim Mc Lellan (vocals & percussion). The album has sold several thousands of copies worldwide but the group has yet to receive any royalties. 
Axcraft - group from California mid 70s. The album “Dancing Madly Backwards”, recorded for the label’s All American Records is the only group and was never officially published. 
The band played progressive hard rock, and the sound they could be confused with the British bands. Working in the manner of Yes, Gentle Giant, Strawbs, Wishbone Ash, Axcraft never found his place in musical history. 
The album includes five original songs and two bonus tracks “live”. Permission to publish was obtained from participants in the group; publication supported producer groups Bill Holmes. Addressed to the fans of progressive 70s…….

Axcraft was a mid-'70s band from California around whom legends were built. Originally recorded for Bill Holmes' All American Records label, Dancing Madly Backwards was never officially released but an acetate of the album made its way onto the collector's market, causing quite a stir. The sound of the band was progressive hard rock and many who heard it thought they were a British band. In the genre of such bands as Yes, Gentle Giant, Strawbs, Wishbone Ash, or many more similarly styled acts, Axcraft is now set to take its place in music history with the first legitimate release of this album through Akarma Records. Contained here are the original five songs (all clocking in at over five minutes!) from the album, together with two bonus live tracks recorded by the band themselves during their heyday. Officially sanctioned by band members and taken from original tapes supplied by band producer Bill Holmes, who also designed the album cover from original designs, this album is a must for any fans of the '70s progressive music. A superb album, it has finally been made available for all to hear and realize what the excitement was all Keith Pettipas....

Line-up / Musicians 
- Jim McClellan / vocals 
- Dan Gerard / lead guitar 
- Paul Skylar / rhythm guitar 
- Randy Ballard / keyboards 
- Michael Carroll / bass guitar 
- Gary Gossett / drums

01. So Far Away (G.Austin) – 6:10 
02. Astral Love (Dan Gerard) – 7:03 
03. 727 Suite (Michael Carroll) – 6:37 
04. Firewheel (Paul Skylar) – 5:37 
05. Dancing Madly Backwards (Dan Gerard) – 9:08 
06. Vahalla (live) (Byron Dougherty) – 7:39 
07. Love Is Blue (live) (Byron Dougherty) – 5:19 

Eat Ghosts “An Ti E Go” 2017 Germany Prog Psych Art Rock released 22.September 2017

Eat Ghosts “An Ti E Go” 2017  Germany Prog Psych Art Rock released  22.September 2017

EAT GHOSTS (original name “Minerva”) is a German progressive- artrock band, founded in Potsdam in December 2008 by Enrico Semler, Jan Waterstradt, Ron Hermann, Martin Mann. After playing various shows they released their first EP ,,Stories Of A Journeyman" in April 2010. The EP has a hard rock sound with elements of stoner, psychedelic and jazz. After Enrico overtook Ron’s Job as bass player, Minerva continued as a three piece rock formation completed with saxophone player Benjamin Ihnow in 2012. 

With their Debut ,,Germinal" the band found their sound in something like Postrock straight from Canterbury. As catchy as melodic Guitar and Sax Duetts with rumbling proglike grooves from the rythm section. All that mashed up with psychedlic sonorties and vigerous Vocals in extended Songs with unpredictable structures without loosing theire clarity. 

Line Up: 
Enny - Bass, Vocals 
Jan - Guitar, Vocals 
Martin - Drums 
Benny - Saxophone

01. Wal (feat. Johannes Walenta) 
02. Talk To The Sea (feat. Johannes Walenta) 
03. Fancy Free 
04. An Ti E Go (feat. Friedrich Szameitat) 
05. Rattle, Shatter, Creak (feat. Friedrich Szameitat) 
06. Echoecho (feat. Johannes Walenta) 
07. Hold On 


johnkatsmc5, welcome music..