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10 Dec 2017

Christine 23 Onna “Acid Eater”2002 Japan Psych Electronic,Noise,Experimental,Space

Christine 23 Onna “Acid Eater”2002 Japan Psych Electronic,Noise,Experimental,Space Rock
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Christine 23 Onna is a super-sexadelic electronic rock project formed by Maso Yamazaki (Space Machine). This is clearly in the vein of others Japanes neo-hippie eccentricities with a constant fascination, nostalgy for retro-psychedelic rock stuffs, kitsch groovy sounds and kosmische dementia. This japanese scene is very prolific and the musical quality is not always at the top, however it provides a few surprises, Acid Eater is one of them. I’m not sure that you can find trippiest / kitshiest things today. Christine 23 Onna delivers wild, freaky kosmische-kraut compositions full of molecular / cosmic noises and irresistable fuzzed psychedelic rockin’ epics. Fantastico opens the dance with a sulfurous, sexy fuzzy psych groovy rock composition, distorted by abundant electronic oscillations, crazy hammond organs. The rest is exactly in the same line, deliciously kitschy, reasonating as a perfect pastiche of things offered in the golden sphere of classic psychedelic rock. Imagine something between Klaus Schulze (without the dark side), cheesy pop electronics from J.J Perrey, Cecil Leuter, the acid pop of Kaleidoscope and the sound of 60’s sexy groovin’ parties. This stuff would be perfect as soundtrack for old vintage-B grade films released by directors Russ Meyer (Beyond the valley of the dolls), Roger Corman (The trip), Jess Franco (Vampyros Lesbos) and many others. Nicely made, this stuff will propulse you back to the late 60’s….by philippe …~

Fusao Toda & Yamazaki Takushi - Christine 23 Onna

Exactly another addictive agent, this mysterious music “Sexaholia” is. 
CHRISTINE 23 ONNA were founded as one of Maso YAMAZAKI’s projects (like Masonna, Space Machine, or South Saturn Delta), by Maso and Fusao TODA (ex-Angel'in Heavy Syrup) in 1998. This critical electronic duo have given a music strategy for “a fusion of the psychedelic phrases of accomplished guitarist and composer Fusao, and the spacey electronics of Maso (quoted from their website)”, quite different from the other projects of Maso mentioned above. 
Gradually invaded into my deep brain and instantly broken the tissue structure in pieces … I’d not been fond of this album indeed, but amazingly it was only a fake. Got immersed in such a loud, annoying atmosphere through the acid sound-garden created by two rox / sex experts. 
Consider that their soundscape can be divided into three fragments basically. One is a comfortable “pop” world soiled / violated with a bunch of irritating noise dirts (like the very beginning stuff “Fantasisco” or “The Last Hunter” or so, heavy, deep, and danceable groove numbers along with their catchy sense), one is an electronic ambiance like “Unknown Planet”, with meditative, hallucinogenic medication spice (actually this frag is my favourite, where I can get drenched fully in their transcendental meditation with the basic human activity), and one is an acid noisy dirty violation itself (e. g. “Acid Now!”, the titled one or the last “Erotopia - The Climax”). Yeah dazzling capricious states of sound can be attractive for us too, let me say. 
We can feel sometimes go-ahead-ly enthusiastic, sometimes mysteriously inspirational, and sometimes toughly nauseous. And finally we will get absorbed deeply into their mischievous electronic sound structure with heavy, loud guitar noises and deep, percussive rhythm quakes. Honestly I cannot help recommending this funkadelic electronic explosive album for every freak elektronika. Woohoo….by DamoXt7942 …~

Before you listen to “Acid Eater,” you might want to gather a few fetish items; this experience is worth externalizing. Start with a surfboard, a spacesuit and a videocassette of Barbarella. 
The world of “Acid Eater” was imagined by the refreshingly warped minds of Christine 23 Onna. This Osaka-based duo features Fusao Toda on electric guitar and Maso Yamazaki on drum programming, analog synthesizers and an echo machine. They refer to themselves as a “space mondo psychedelic group.” 
Toda is best-known for her work with the all-female psychedelic rock band Angel in Heavy Syrup, which has opened for such space-psychedelic heavyweights as Hawkwind and Gong. Yamazaki is a major figure in Japan’s noise scene, and counts Beck and Sonic Youth among his many fans. He first became known around 1987 in Osaka, from where he built his reputation, as the one-man show of Masonna, a bizarre distillation of grind-core, death metal, ’60s psychedelia and serious electronics. Starting in 1991, Masonna found its expression in intensely violent gigs during which Yamazaki invariably inflicted “damage to both equipment and flesh.” Apparently, performances were regularly curtailed minutes after they began. 
Judging from the music on “Acid Eater,” Toda’s feminine, socializing influence on Yamazaki is a step in a positive direction. Much of the music is framed by Toda’s simple guitar patterns and has a steady beat, while sometimes betraying a wholly appropriate surf influence. Tunes such as “Top of Spot” and “Wild Private” follow a direct, bouncing line and are eminently danceable. Fear not, the album also retains elements of Yamazaki’s dark inner universe. “Acid Now” and the title track are given over entirely to this realm. Those dark patches aside, though, one imagines Yamazaki now happily interacting with his audience rather than hurling synthesizers. 
If the atmospheric alterations of “Acid Eater” do indeed require us to don spacesuits and pack our laser guns, navigating the terrain is fairly easy and quite pleasurable….BY TOM BOJKO…~

The perfect balance of Fusao and Maso is reached one last time before the duo ditched the 60’s groovy soundtrack / harsh noise hybrid and rebirthed themselves as the scree garage punk overlords also known as Acid Eater. 
Acid Eater amps up the production quality of the swinging Hollywood freak-out samples and makes a far more concerted effort than Shiny Crystal Planet to place the guitars and synths into a copacetic sonic space. 
The result is a success that, undoubtedly, the duo of Fusao and Maso felt they probably couldn’t top, so they didn’t try. 
Acid Eater touches on both guitarist Toda Fusao and synth-mangler Yamazaki Maso’s strengths in a myriad of ways. From the exploito-psychedelic soundtrack perfection of the Fusao heavy “The Last Hunter”, to Maso’s brutal titular track, to the beautiful meeting of the two on the flawless “Top of Spot”, Acid Eater conceptually writes the final chapter in the group’s base conceit….by..MarsHottentot …~

Take a long look at the cover because this album offers exactly what that picture suggests: traditional ‘60s pyschedelic sounds, rife with spacey swirls of cascading synth noise, relaxed fuzz-guitar riffs, and groovy drumbeats. Here and there the music bubbles over into noisey atmospherics and hard-psych mayhem, but the overall feel is that of a somewhat sedated acid trip, drifting lazily through the cosmic void. Think of this as a more ethereal, less beat driven, smaller scale version of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. and you won’t be far off. The sound is sort of a The Doors meets Tangerine Dream fusion with just a bit more synth chaos thrown in. The result is a charmingly odd concoction that overflows with retro wanderlust and merits a listen by more than just the nostalgic or curious….by….phthora ….~

Acid Eater is an album by Christine 23 Onna released on the label Midi Creative in 2002. Christine 23 Onna is Maso Yamazaki’s (better known as Masonna) psychedelic rock band. For those who don’t know, Masonna is a harsh noise musician. 
This is an awesome album of 60s inspired psychedelic rock that contains elements of experimental and noise. The album consists of repetitive guitar and bass, electronic synthesizers, and sometimes accompanied by spastic drumming and heavy use of effects. 
I love this album and had the luck to find it in store, was $25 but I got it anyways~ 
Collectors gotta collect……~

Sometimes it’s so good that you just have no words to describe your feelings. You just do not need to say or write anything. Perhaps that is a reason why the good writers cannot write anything worthy when they are happy. But anyway that’s not the point. Sometimes you just cannot find words to express that something is perfect. Even this “perfect” sounds poor and looks empty when you listen to something really gorgeous and right. And this is the case. 

The name of the case is Christine 23 Onna. It is a perfect example of screamingly talented piece of art. Christine 23 Onna is a Japanese band founded in 1993 by Yamazaki “Maso” Takushi (he is Masonna) and Fusao Toda. Masonna is a world-famous one man noise super act. Also Maso is in charge for another project called Space Machine providing our world with space electronic sounds. Fusao Toda is a guitarist in another notable and beloved band called Angel'in Heavy Syrup. So together they formed Christine 23 Onna in order to rule the world of real music. 
Christine mixes psychedelic rock, space electronics and noise. This is experimental music with style, taste and flavor. They conquer your ears, brain, heart and soul at once. It is groovy and sexy vibes of the 70’s with barefoot women dancing in some cosmic lounges. Everything can happen: from a group sex to a murder. It’s Japanese giallo surf stroking your ears and eyes. It is acid in a form of sound. Just take it, get wasted and enjoy this beautiful trip. 
Christine 23 Onna officially became Acid Eater on April 1, 2001. They have a drummer and an organ and bass player. They give us “psychedelic garage acid punk”. And they are monstrous!….~

For those who know Yamazaki Maso (Masonna) and only their noise project with the name of Masonna, he will be amazed by his other side projects and especially with this one, I dare say that Christine 23 Onna is for some, a “ white glove "given by Mr. Masonna to show that he is a musician and that behind his noise project is one of the most harsh and translates into distorted screams of a very chaotic, violent and somewhat pornographic environment like the titles of their albums and songs well evidenced.
He is also able, along with guitarist Toda Fusao, to raise their sonorities to space in a claustrophobic and agoraphobic environment full of effects, images, colors, experimentation and even achieve something "commercial”, but not being too cheerful or mainstream, where delays transform a normal state of music into a kind of celestial hallucination where it is practically impossible not to have in less than “3 times” the foot to hit the ground or the head to shake even if discreetly. 

Acid eater … Many will be those who listen to this album will associate it with drugs, a hallucination or several, because this can be that, a journey of hallucinations until the 60s and their lifestyle and a return to the year in that we are present (whichever year) where synthesizers and guitars meet and disagree between distortions and delays, as we can see in the song “Acid Now” that literally puts us to hallucinate by the space or in “Top of Spot” that goes by a more electric field and rock in a wave more dreamlike instead of hallucinating. 

No doubt if they existed in the 60’s, it would not be to the sound of Janis Joplin or John Lennon that the hippies would “trip” but to the sound of Christine 23 onna and I can say with almost certainty that Top of the spot would be one of the favorites, no doubt….by: Sérgio…~

Masona Biography
Takushi “Maso” Yamazaki’s Masonna (an abbreviation for “maso” and “onna” that means “masochistic woman”) was one of the earliest noise bands from Japan, releasing (after a number of limited-edition cassettes) the 31-minute two-song EP Shinsen Na Clitoris (Vanilla, 1990), Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Aureole (1993), containing 31 brief tracks, Noskl In Ana (Alchemy, 1994), the 33-minute single-song Super Compact Disc (Alchemy, 1995), Noisextra (RRRecords, 1995), containing only two jams for a total of 43 minutes, Ejaculation Generater (Alchemy, 1996), the visceral Inner Mind Mystique (Relapse, 1996), Hyper Chaotic (V Records, 1996), Freak-Out Electrolyze (Nanophonica, 1997), Spectrum Ripper (Cold Spring, 1998), the more mature and cohesive Frequency L.S.D. (Alien 8, 1998), one of their best, Vestal Spacy Ritual (Alchemy, 1999), the 20-minute EP Beauty Beast (Blast First, 1999). 
Christine 23 Onna was the duo of Maso Yamazaki and Fusao Toda of Angel In Heavy Syrup. 
Yamazaki’s third project Space Machine, that debuted with Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter (Alchemy, 2001), was instead devoted to old-fashioned cosmic music for analog synthesizers. 
To celebrate Yamazaki’s 15th anniversary three “Freakout Triplex” albums were released: Masonna’s Shock Rock (MIDI Creative, 2002), Acid Eater (2002 - MIDI Creative, 2006), and Space Machine’s 2 (2002). 
Space Machine returned with 3 (Tiliqua, 2003), containing two studio pieces and two live jams. 
Ultimate Collection Vol.1 (Alchemy, 2008) reissues Masonna’s Masonna Vs Bananamara (Vanilla, 1989) and Hyper Chaotic (V, 1996) for a total of 48 brief pieces. 
Masonna’s Yamazaki Maso launched Acid Eater with Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. (2007) and Black Fuzz On Wheels (Time Bomb, 2010), both devoted to super-charged garage-rock jams with fuzz guitar and Farfisa organ as prescribed in the manual of the genre…..~

Line-up / Musicians 
Fusao Toda/Guitar, Artwork (from Angel'in Heavy Syrup)
Maso Yamazaki/Synthesizer, Echoplex, Programming

1 Fantastico 4:08 
2 Acid Now! 1:36 
3 The Last Hunter 3:31 
4 Acid Eater 4:36 
5 Planet Unknown 4:27 
6 Space Mondo Topless 4:06 
7 Love Galactic 6:21 
8 Top Of Spot 6:30 
9 Wild Private 4:46 
10 Erotopia (The Climax) 1:41 

Three Leg Dog ‎ “Red Sun” 2016 Estonia Psych Stoner

Three Leg Dog ‎ “Red Sun” 2016 Estonia Psych Stoner 
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Formed in 2013, Three Leg Dog is a psychedelic rock/stoner trio from Estonia. They dropped their debut album, titled ‘Red Sun’, in September, and… they are truly amazing. It’s a very diversified full-length and this band createed something original. Deep and powerful, this 8-tracks album blast me away at the first listening. But that’s just my thoughts, I let you enjoy your trip and tell me what you think !Always fuzzed, sometimes psychedelic and bluesy, Three Leg Dog touch and mix perfectly all this kind of sounds. Rocking hard, this 3-piece made a great effort in the song’s writing, putting their own mark by manipulating a large palette of tones. As the bass (Joonatan Nõgisto) follow brilliantly the rhythm pulled by the drums (Aimar Sepp), the guitar sounds so good and the vocals (both by Kristjan Pärkson) complete this wonderful combination. Their influences are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and more, and you lightly feel that 70’s vibe they want to bring in their songs. 

First track of the album, ‘Red Sun‘ put here a psychedelic atmosphere, brought by the guitar effects and the soft voice of Kristjan. The whole mix sounds great, led by a catchy main riff. The first impression is the one we keep along and it’s not deceiving for the moment. As we just finished the opening song, Three Leg Dog don’t let us the time to breath and continue their ascension with ‘Dog‘, which float briefly between calmer parts and rushing ones. 

Supported by a strong rhythm section, they show how bluesy they are, like in ‘Stars‘, adding some strong stoner parts and the combination sounds great. ‘Wolf‘ seems more relaxed, giving us the time to catch up our breath. But you have to hurry because… they are not done yet. ‘Fire‘ will blow your mind with this stoner/blues tone, rhythmed perfectly by the groovy basslines. 

Slower than all the others, ‘Love Song‘ smoothes brilliantly with the flow of the album. They bring, here, a nice rock ballad, always with this heavy touch, carried by the neat rhythm section and the lovely sound of the guitar. Really catchy, the next song ‘Revolution‘ will drive you crazy as the melody hit hard in your face. 

‘Tiger‘ finishes this album (yeah, already…) and put you in a good mood. Carried by a very fluid melody, the trio brings a spatial atmosphere with this deep bass sound and all these psychedelic noises. The groove is really awesome and they seem to jam for a moment, letting the melody building itself. That’s a really nice way to close the album. 

Three Leg Dog makes us taste differents tones, including their own and unique touch. All the tracks sound different and have a really exclusive atmosphere. I think this is an album you need to listen because it’s very diversified in terms of tones and they play truly good. As I said, they seem to work a lot on the songwriting and that’s really important, because, that change everything. For me, goose bump is a good indicator and with ‘Red Sun’, you are assured to have some !The sound fit to all the situations : during a lazy Sunday, with a bunch of friends or just you, your beer and your imagination…by Mr. Crow..~

Kristjan Pärkson - Vocals, Guitars 
Joonatan Nõgisto - Bass 
Aimar Sepp - Drums 

1 Red Sun 7:31 
2 Dog 3:43 
3 Stars 5:43 
4 Wolf 5:22 
5 Fire 3:38 
6 Love Song 6:40 
7 Revolution 3:56 
8 Tiger 9:35 

Various "Golden State Psychedelia" US 1966-69 Rare or previously unissued psychedelic gems from late 1960s San Francisco

Various  "Golden State Psychedelia" US 1966-69
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Rare or previously unissued psychedelic gems from late 1960s San Francisco, produced at Leo Kulka’s studio, Golden State Recorders.

When it opened for business in the autumn of 1965, Golden State Recorders was the first large Hollywood-style studio inSan Francisco, with a brand new solid-state board and an expansive main room, perfect for replicating the ambience of the psychedelic ballrooms. Indeed, founder and chief engineer Leo de Gar Kulka had begun offering his services right as the Bay Area witnessed the explosion of its own well-documented rock scene, and thus during its first few years Golden State was the local independent recording venue most frequently visited by the city’s new breed of musician, along with the hordes of attendant A&R men hopeful for the next big thing. 

Golden State hosted some of the most genuinely trippy and experimental rock recording sessions held in San Francisco in the late 1960s, but Kulka could not keep his large facility going on bookings alone, and so he also used the studio to attract talent that could be secured to a contract and sold on to labels. Reflecting the prevailing atmosphere in the Bay Area, much of what Golden State recorded under its own production umbrella had a frisson of psychedelic fancy, and at this juncture some 50 years hence, recordings deemed failures at the time are now collectors items, or certainly worthy of a second look, as “Golden State Psychedelia” amply demonstrates. 

Some of the earliest and best-loved releases in Big Beat’s “Nuggets From The Golden State” series were based on repertoire from Golden State Recorders. This latest instalment continues to celebrate the studio’s legacy, restoring material from deleted volumes, as well as exhuming more psychedelic gems from the GSR vault. Since Ace Records acquired the catalogue in 2006, we have had the opportunity to revisit the tapes, this time with a fine-toothed comb. 

Therefore, aside from rare singles by the Tow-Away Zone and Seventh Dawn, “Golden State Psychedelia” is comprised wholly of material that did not see release at the time, and was all recorded between 1966 and 1971. Highlights include the commercial pop-psych stylings of the Bristol Boxkite, Carnival and Ticket Agents, the punkadelic Goody Box and Immediate Family, and some outrageous studio experiments by Magician and the Gants. With full details on the participants contained in the liner notes, “Golden State Psychedelia” is a package no fan of this entrancing genre will want to miss. 
by Alec Palao….~

The Big Beat label has issued other collections from this same era under the Golden State title, and this latest is in the same mold. This set is a sort of back pages to what other more famous bands were doing at that time. Some of these tracks were issued a long while back, while a number of them have never been issued until now. It’s pretty safe to assume that fans of this type of music from relatively unknown bands will hear some pretty cool things. This set is aimed at those fans (like me) who like hearing the “second/third -tier” bands from a certain period/region. 

These bands all recorded at Golden State Records in S.F. in the late ‘60s/early '70s which gave them a chance to record in a professional studio. What came out will probably stretch your mind a bit. These are garage/bar band groups with lots of fuzz guitars and that sometimes cheesy organ sound typical for the period. And the lyrics–hmmm–there’s some seriously demented things here. These bands push into sometimes distant, unknown psyche areas that more famous bands didn’t venture into. And that’s what makes this collection interesting. No Dead/Airplane/Quicksilver/Mad River/et al kinds of tunes. The guys featured in this new collection had their own ideas. 

Singling out bands is pretty useless–each has something that’s slightly twisted psyche-wise along with some good period instrumental work. This is the kind of album that needs to be experienced in one sitting to get the full effect. But saying that, listen to Short Yellow, Bristol Boxkite, Gants, and Towaway Zone for a good time. The sound is clean, fairly crisp and open and natural sounding. The booklet has useful info on the bands and the music. If you’ve heard other S. F. region (and environs North) collections like “The Hush Records Story”, “The Sound Of Young Sacramento”, “You Got Yours”, “Sing Me A Rainbow”, this is similar. And don’t forget things like “The Ultimate 1960’s Garage Punk Primer”, “A Fistful Of Fuzz”, “For A Few Fuzz Guitars More”, “A Pot Of Flowers”, “All Kinds Of Highs”, and “Follow Me Down” for more adventures into the world of lesser known garage/psyche bands. And there’s lots more where those came from. Hopefully Big Beat will continue to mine the vaults for more unpolished gems like the tunes in this set…By Stuart Jefferson…~

Artist - Tracklist

1. The Goody Box - Blow Up (Norman Hadsell) - 2:37 
2. The Carnival - Meditorium - 2:19 
3. The Tow-Away Zone - Shab’d (Joan Cutting, Phil Franks, Randy Molitor) - 2:58 
4. The Bristol Boxkite - Sunless Night (Bill Ellis, Sandra White) - 3:03 
5. The Immediate Family - Rubaiyat (Kriss Kovacs, Omar Khayyam) - 2:38 
6. The Ticket Agents - Black Diamonds (David Salk) - 2:04 
7. The Short Yellow - Highway Highway (Gary Thorp) - 2:21 
8. Celestial Hysteria - Speed (Harold Greer, John Allan, John Barsotti, Mark Buvelot, Mary Hazlewood) - 2:38 
9. Magician - Fuck For Peace - 3:58 
10.The Carnival - Infinitation - 2:16 
11.The Bristol Boxkite - Mad Rush World (Bill Ellis) - 2:44 
12.The Seventh Dawn - Don’t Worry Me (Darius Phillips, Sue Phillips, Tom Noyer) - 2:37 
13.Just Slightly Richer - My Kind Of People (Dan Talbot) - 3:01 
14.The Tow-Away Zone - Daddy’s Zoo (Bill deHaan, Phil Franks, Randy Molitor, Ray McCarty) - 3:45 
15.The Short Yellow - Hand Full (Gary Thorp) - 2:43 
16.The Goody Box - Ah Gee (Norman Hadsell) - 2:31 
17.The Immediate Family - Wet Chant (Kriss Kovacs) - 5:36 
18.The Bristol Boxkite - Chasing Rainbows (Frederic Chopin, Harry Carroll, Joseph McCarth) - 2:22 
19.Celestial Hysteria - New Song Aka Going Home (Harold Greer, John Allan, John Barsotti, Mark Buvelot, Mary Hazlewood) - 2:57 
20.The Carnival - Years Have Passed Away - 2:13 
21.Just Slightly Richer - Solitude (Al Roberts, Dan Talbot, Larry Goldberg, Robert Sanders, Steve Allyn) - 2:51 
22.The Bristol Boxkite - Who Are We (Bill Ellis) - 2:27 
23.The Short Yellow - Start Seeing (Gary Thorp) - 2:29 
24.The Royal Family - Love Is The Greatest Thing (The Royal Family) - 2:48 
25.The Gants - Sunday At The Lotus Parlor (Brian Johnson, Dennis Battaglia, Kim Edwards, Tim Grand) - 2:51 


johnkatsmc5, welcome music..







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