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18 Jun 2017

Back Alley Choir "Back Alley Choir" UK 1972 Prog Folk monster

Back Alley Choir "Back Alley Choir" UK 1972 mega rare Prog Folk monster

Back Alley Choir was a short lived British folk rock band released this selt titled album in 1972 and they soon disappeared. Originally only 500 copies were pressed and now it became an ultra rare and much sought after collectors' item. First time on CD housed in a paper sleeve LP miniature.............

Much of this is excellent electric folk with a progressive edge, reminiscent of peak Fairport Convention, particularly on ‘Shady Grove’ and a superb, extended cover of ‘Meet On The Ledge’ (the two opening cuts). Some other tracks tend towards more of a singer/songwriter sound, whilst a couple have a rural edge reminiscent of labelmates Wooden Horse. Consequently, the LP has a slightly schizophrenic feel, but most of the material is first-rate, and its mediocre reputation is undeserved. The band also cut two non-LP singles, which are near impossible to find....................

01. Shady Grove
02. Meet On The Ledge
03. Fly Me To The North
04. Pretty Mary
05. Next Time Around
06. Old William
07. Woody's Rag
08. I Shall Be Released
09. Honey Baby Blues
10. Summer Wine
11. Put Your Money On The People
12. Take This World
13. Long Way Down

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